Wednesday, May 21, 2008

World's Shortest Introduction

Bonjour! Moshi moshi! Greetings, Earthlings! For those who don't know me, which will be most of you, I'm Ayarinna Sarymachi. Or Rinna, for short. aLoHa.

Anyone have ideas for my site? Ja, this is my site, for all the geniuses who didn't know yet. So far I've put up a bunch of music videos. I'm going to continue doing that, as well as, perhaps, a few tidbits of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and others video game info. Other than that...I got nothing. It would be helpful for people to reply to this so I can either get support or ideas...Anyway. Please tell me, at least, whether or not you like my videos. My personal favorite is the Final Fantasy XIII trailer going along with Alan Kuo's "Ling" or "Zero". <<< VERY awesome song.

Vincent Valentine- Evanescence (Bring Me To Life)